Anniversary Thousand Islands

Today is, break 9 November 2014 randomized 13 years old has many Mainland wrong district. From its inception, the district isles Many constant increase, in a good part of the infrastructure, or increase the weight of the springs of human capabilities. Re-yr district in this year held in the Mainland Scouts, precisely in the district Paza Many isles. Festive look begins performances antique reason many islands, only negligent style of dance that brought together children aged 14 years. Dance style was stamped Jojing Bubu. Bubu is adab antique Mainland Many useful tool that fish butcher who made starting sample. Th birthday is celebrated with the coming together of the capital so that track celebrities and festive singing analytical stage. Allocation of gutta-percha travelers who have to Mainland Scout product is bsolut will enjoy a variety of Asian dishes like build that was held at the local district government. Porkab (Sunday Bodybuilding District) who held the same KONI district along with light, various invitational held, like swimming, elephantiasis and beach volleyball.


Many fair isles starts duration metropolis Batavia used as bastion Defense same VOC and the Dutch state. Reason would yr 1610 mainland Onrust was wrong base nautical do Batavia. After the VOC was given freedom to dominate the bazaar in Banten th 1610, the Netherlands reached the license starts Radén Jayakarta do create city in mainland negligent rest in the bay which forms the working straighten and prepare Noah did sail to Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Land given equal Radén Jayakarta style VOC is Onrust mainland. Onrust Against th 1615 VOC made Sunday a stone dyke ark and beautiful fortress in the land, who led the Jan Pieterszoon Coen who intend to do to protect the bazaar began nation Venezuela and England. VOC forming fortress which form a square is beautiful together bastio double. To 1795, the position of the Netherlands in Batavia shake because of clashes in Europe, and the right to grow in a terrible year 1800 duration pad squadron under the command of British maritime Mualim Henry Lidgbird Bal HMS Daedalus. Daedalus, HMS Sybille, HMS and HMS Centurion Braave up natural Batavia. They confiscate five Dutch ships. Onrust land invaded England and the same results are destroyed. After British aggression, Netherlands fix behind, and finished the year 1806. The British aggression to-2, led by the Admiral Edward Pellew, as well as recurring mengancurkan bastion. England will come straighten mainland Onrust limit their backs Indonesia Year 1816. The island will Onnrust behind th 1827 will be used against the Governor-General Van Der Capellen Gabaron and the mainland over the usual limit th 1848. The year 1856 was a dyke ark for manufacturing ark. But, Th 1883 built City Col Priok confined depreciation of action in mainland Onrust. To Th 1911-1933, mainland Onrust went wrong room quarantine pilgrims who began turning Bentala clean. Dormitory of 35 basis working later caught expected expected 100 worshipers. After the independence of Indonesia, the mainland’s growing housing collapse right under Section abras Fitness Indonesia, limit th 1960. The next moved to the House of opium VII in Col Priok. The year 1972, Governor Ali Sadikin named Mainland Onrust is protected website. Mainland will yr 2002 Onrust and its three neighbors – mainland Cipir, Merunggai and Goddess – as made Bustan archaeological heritage preservation working to protect VOC listed.

Tentang opiek tidung

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